Students Design LOGO - for Local Doctor

  • In Sayville Advanced Computer Graphics Class, Students Design Logo for Local Doctor

    It all started when my colleague Ms. Jennifer Wittman-Cahill approached me about having my Advanced Computer Graphics class design a logo for Patchogue Family Medical Care,” explained Sayville High School technology department teacher Mr. Chad Cross. “As one of various Career and Technology Education (CTE) classes offered in the department that provide students with practical and real-life career skills, this class would benefit from such a request. I am always looking for opportunities to offer my students real-world practical experiences.” Ms. Wittman-Cahill was inquiring on behalf of her sister, Christine M. Doucet, M.D., who owns Patchogue Family Medical Care, Route 112, Patchogue, and is a Sayville resident.

    The proposal was for a design that could be used as a logo for the website, business cards, letterhead, and envelopes as well as for the new sign located outside the medical office. It was such a wonderful opportunity for the students, but Mr. Cross had only one stipulation for taking on the project. He wanted Dr. Doucet to come into the classroom and let the students present their finished works. 

    Eagerly, the Advanced Computer Graphics students researched current designs, took into account design options that would please the client, and came up with original work. “The logos were created in Adobe Illustrator CS4, leading software used in industry to create vector graphics,” Mr. Cross said. “The purpose of using Adobe Illustrator was to enable students to resize the logo and save it in many of the common image formats. The students took on the challenge with passion and desire to create the best logo design that would represent Patchogue Family Medical Care,” he continued. “After creating the logo, each student placed his or her logo on letterhead, envelope, and a business card. Finally, it was placed on mat board ready to be presented to the client.”

    After preparing and rehearsing the day before her visit, each student presented a unique but functional design to Dr. Doucet when she came to the Technology Department in Sayville High School.

    “I was very proud of all my students. They did an excellent job designing and presenting their logos,” stated Mr. Cross. Dr. Doucet was also very impressed with the presentations. She did not expect the students to design, prepare, and present as much as they did.  Dr. Doucet was excited and took all the work back to her practice where she and her partners could choose a final logo design.

    After much deliberation, the medical partners made their decision and chose two designs. Student Kiona Bustamante's logo will be used on their business stationary such as business cards and letterhead. Chris Gale's logo will be used to create a sign outside the building.

    Congratulations to all the students for their endeavors!

    (And special thanks to Science teacher Sonja Anderson who volunteered to take the photos.)