Winter Sports Accomplishments


From the Office of Athletics, Health and Physical Education



Congratulations to Sayville Senior and three-year Varsity Winter track champion Chris Belcher for his outstanding athletic accomplishments and career in Boys Track. Focused on the 55m this year, Chris has been undefeated, ranking 8th in the country. This season alone, Chris Belcher achieved All State, with the 1st Place NYS 55m Championship, All County with 1st Place Suffolk County Championship and a Suffolk County Record Holder in 55m with 6.35 time, and is Small School Champion in the 55m. Chris took 1st Place in the 55m at the Milrose Games and is now the record holder, 1st Place in Elite Invitational in the 55m, is the Stanner Games Champion in the 55m, and achieved All League as well. 

Chris has also received the Section XI New York state Sportsmanship Award.



Congratulations go to Sayville Senior and champion wrestler at 132 lbs, Matthew Leshinger.  In addition to earning 2013 League Champion, Matt accomplished his personal goal—to beat his previous rank of third place to become All-State 2013 Champion.

With an overall record of 154-26, Matt has been an All-League Finalist for four years winning the title of 2013 Champion , as well as All-County for four years, winning Suffolk County Championships for both 2012 and 2013. In his second year ranking at All-State, Matt won the 2013 Championship at 132 lbs in the Division I state wrestling tournament. (Last year, Matt finished third. Matt’s win this year gave Sayville its second ever State championship since Peter Yozzo won it in 1983.)

Even before winning this year’s spectacular State Championship, All-State Wrestler Matt, who has a weighted GPA of 93.567, was recruited by Columbia University Head Coach Carl Fronhofer and has selected Columbia for next year.



From the Office of Athletics, Health and Physical Education


Cheerleading       Ranked 13th in the Nation

Bowling   Scholar Athlete Team, 9-3 Overall record, 4th Place League finish, Qualified for Suffolk County Playoffs

All League                                                           Kristina Etergineoso

                                                                         Ian Scheff


Girls’ Basketball    Scholar Athlete Team; 11-8 Overall record; 4th Place finish

All League                                                     Amy Dean

                                                                   Kathleen Barry

Academic All County                                       Amy Dean


Boys’ Basketball       2-16 Overall Record, 5th Place League finish

All League                                                      Matt Starr

Academic All League                                       Connor Gaffney

Rookie of the Year                                           Robbie Collarusso

Boys’ Track               Scholar Athlete Team, 3rd Place League Finish

All State                                                               Chris Belcher

1st Place NYS 55m Champion                       Chris Belcher

All County                                                           Chris Belcher

1st Place Suffolk County Champion           Chris Belcher

Small School Champion 55m                        Chris Belcher

1st Place in Milrose games 55m                   Chris Belcher

1st Place in Elite Invitational 55m                Chris Belcher

All League                                               Chris Belcher

                                                             Jack Lyons

                                                             Tom Monohan

                                                             Jack Weisheit

                                                              Clay Peres

                                                              John McGlone


Girls’ Track               Scholar Athlete Team

All League                                                           Kelly Mullagh

                                                                        Aileen Kovarik

                                                                         Josephine Colon

                                                                         Melanie Trinkwald

                                                                         Amanda Famularo

                                                                          Morgan Young

                                                                          Kelly McElroy

                                                                          Michelle Civitella

                                                                          Angie Perrone

 All Division                                                          Melanie Trinkwald

                                                                         Amanda Famularo

                                                                          Morgan Young

                                                                          Kelly McElroy

                                                                          Michelle Civitella

                                                                         Angie Perrone

All County                                                            Melanie Trinkwald


Boys’ Swimming     Scholar Athlete Team,   League Champion, Sportsmanship Award LISOA, 7-0 League Record

All League                                                           Brian Cremer

                                                                         Andrew Dazzo

                                                                         Kieran Harrison

                                                                         Liam Harrison

                                                                         Jack Rosa

                                                                         Timothy Stecher

                                                                          Andrew Wheaton

                                                                         Christopher Wheaton

All County                                                           Brian Cremer

                                                                         Andrew Dazzo

                                                                         Kieran Harrison

                                                                          Andrew Wheaton           

                                                                         Christopher Wheaton

Wrestling  4th Dual Meets, 2nd in League Tournament, 12-14 Overall record


All League                                             Matt Leshinger                 132 lb Champion

                                                           Nick Pesko                          138 lb Champion

                                                           Lucas Ciancimino              145 lb Champion

                                                           Zach Meyer                        160 lb Runner Up

                                                           Kevin O’Connor                170 lb Runner Up

                                                           Robert McCauley             152 lb 3rd Place

                                                            Matt Seibert                      170 lb 3rd Place

                                                           Shane Sullivan   195 lb 3rd Place

                                                           Justin Siracusa                   132 lb 4th Place

                                                            Kyle Treco                           152 lb 4th Place

All County                                              Matt Leshinger-2 Time Suffolk County Champion

All State                                                Matt Leshinger-132 lb New York State Champion

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