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National Drama Awards


    for 2012-2013

    Congratulations to the following Sayville seniors Michael Forsberg, Keith Frislid, Janine Loesch, Michael LoPreto, Kaitlin McNamara, Kimberly Miller, Lorelei Olk, Caroline Pace, Christian Savini, Matthew Spina, and Charles Verbeck  who have each been recognized by the United States Achievement Academy for their contributions to the theatre arts program at Sayville High School with a National Speech and Drama Award.  

    Established in 1978, the USAA solicits nominations from teachers across the United States of students that have gone above and beyond in both talent and dedication in numerous areas of academic and co-curricular endeavor.  These nominations are then submitted to the appropriate selection committees for review after which the teachers are informed of the final awards which include scholarship opportunities, as well.  According to SHS dramatics director Steven Hailey, these eleven young people “have been essential participants in our drama program both on stage and back stage since their freshman year and they deserve this recognition.”


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crew of Hotel Suites