Lauching After School Clubs - At Middle School

  • New Clubs

    at the Middle School

    After-School Science Club

    Planets and magnets and volts, oh my!

    With a grant through the Educational Foundation, Sayville Middle School is recruiting young scholars for the new After-School Science Club.

    While teaching lifelong critical-thinking skills in a fun and nurturing environment, Club Moderators Mrs. Linda Davis and Ms. Claire Rymer wanted to get students excited about astronomy, biology, and chemistry. Most students who have joined the club do not have time during the regular school day to enroll in a planetarium course due to their busy schedules. The addition of this club not only provides those students with extra science-rich experiences, it helps them enjoy an increased level of esteem when they are successful at learning through experiment.

    “I like the club because I can learn about the constellations and then go outside at night and see them,” says Paul C.

    Mrs. Davis and Ms. Rymer enjoy the club because they get the chance to “provide quality science learning experiences to students who might not otherwise have the opportunity.” Building models, analyzing scientific toys, studying optical illusions, and conducting sky talks in the planetarium are all on the agenda this winter and spring!

    The Science Club meets every other Monday after school in the planetarium.


    Communication Cove

    Friendships are forming at the Sayville Middle School.

    Another new After-School Club called Communication Cove, (also thanks to the generosity of the Educational Foundation) has popped up and students are flocking to take part.

    Ms. Rymer and Mrs. O’Hoppe facilitate interactions between Special and General Education Students as they participate in fun-filled activities, including scavenger hunts, obstacle courses, games and crafts. The club provides many opportunities for students to interact with one another and use talents not normally showcased during the regular school day.

    Communication Cove improves relationships between children of all abilities, as it provides students with special needs the opportunity to increase their social skills. All members of the Communication Cove learn about cooperation, leadership, winning, and losing and team building. This club promotes tolerance, sensitivity, and acceptance of all its members and already new friendships have been made. The students’ enthusiasm has been contagious and attendance has grown with each and every meeting.

    The Communication Cove meets every other Thursday and is open to any Middle School student interested in meeting others!