New NJHS Members Inducted

  • National Junior Honor Society Celebrates: Scholarship, Service, Leadership, Character, & Citizenship

    Forty-six Sayville Middle School students who exemplified the five attributes of Scholarship, Service, Leadership, Character, & Citizenship, while maintaining a grade average of 95 or above for four quarters, joined the prestigious National Junior Honor Society during the annual induction ceremony.

    Once again, NJHS advisor Mrs. Lloyd-Matthews, Guidance Counselor Janice Shuster, and Middle School Principal Thomas Murray recognized tradition at its best with a welcome to the inductees and their proud families during the evening ceremony.

    Assisting with the celebration, current society members participated by opening with the Pledge of Allegiance (Anna Brennan), describing the five attributes: Scholarship (Calista Tomasetti), Service (Chase Hofmann), Leadership (Taylor Kobel), Character (Emily Osterloh), and Citizenship (Allyson Bricker), announcing the inductees (Gianna Fraccalvieri, Sarah Laterza, Kelly Marra and Erin Peyton), and lighting the symbolic candles (Griffin Mills). After all the new members received their certificates and handshakes from Mr. Murray on stage, they returned to their seats where current member Isabella Giovan had them stand and recite the NJHS pledge.

    Closing the ceremony with parting words, Mrs. Lloyd-Matthews reminded the new members that they are required to continue upholding the attributes of scholarship, leadership, service, citizenship, and character as they complete their years at the Middle School, while Mr. Murray commended the students for bringing such pride to the Sayville Middle School community.

    NJHS is the leading organization that recognizes exceptional middle-level students who have successfully demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, citizenship, and character throughout their Middle School years.

    Congratulations to the following:

    7th Grade Honor Society 2013

    Chloe Argenziano

    Meghan Caraher

    Christopher Castelli

    Daniel Cliff

    Bella Coan

    Megan Collins

    James Cummings

    Matthew Cutolo

    Christopher D'Amour

    Hanna Decker

    Jenna Deignan

    Danielle DelGiorno

    Andrew Deutsch

    Devin Dolan

    Kathryn Donohue

    Noelle Dufrenoy

    Thomas Faughnan

    Amelia Flaumenhaft

    Cade Hansen

    Christopher Hichborn

    Jeremy Hirsch

    Julia Hodgkinson

    Hailey Keyser

    Michael Lofaro

    Moira Mahoney

    Brenna McClellan

    Marnie Monahan

    Nicholas Moosa

    Ryan C.  O'Connell

    Carleigh O'Donoghue

    Christina  O'Leary

    Daniel Perun

    Douglas Read

    Philip III Rinaldi

    Nicole Sugarman

    Kristy Thomas

    Gabriele Thornton

    Declan Wallace

    Kaitlin Weber

    Amanda Wessels

    John Wilkens

    Ryan Wilson

    8th Grade Honor Society 2013

    Tyler Tuskan

    Mary Elizabeth Wissemann

    Alexander Worrell

    Meghan Boothe