Competitors SOAR

  • Only SOAR WINNERS In Final Competition

    Congratulations to the participants who spent a Saturday morning with teachers Melinda Moran and Maria Brown and their families to showcase their skills. The students were fascinated by the afterschool program on aerodynamics and enjoyed putting what they learned to the test during a fun-filled morning of competition.

    Folds affected flying and fluttering, and depending on the desired results, the students quickly saw the relationship between cause and effect during the competition.  Below are the results from the competition, but the real results are in how much this program instilled a love for everything aerodynamic!

    All in all, there were only SOAR winners in the bunch.

    Final competition results



    Hang Time


    1st Flying Saucers

    1st Ravens

    1st Airbenders

    1st Airbenders

    2nd Dog Fighters

    2nd e-Dog Fighters

    2nd Bluejays

    2nd Flying Saucers

    3rd Falcons

    3rd Flying Squirrels

    3rd Dog Fighters

    3rd Dog Fighters