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Fifty Sayville Musicians Selected for SCMEA Festival

  • The Sayville School District and the Sayville Music Department congratulate the following fifty students from our Elementary, Middle and High school music programs who have been selected to represent Sayville in the Annual SCMEA All-County Music Festival in March.






    Inst/Voice Part

    1. CA I Central     Chorus                Jayna Catalina                        Alto
    2. CA I Central     Chorus                Anna Crisalli                          Alto
    3. CA I Central     Orchestra            Isabelle Byrne                         Violin
    4. LA I Central      Chorus                Megan Bast                            Soprano
    5. LA I Central      Chorus                Sarah Keane                          Soprano
    6. SHS III East       Band                   Matt Bavaro                           Trombone
    7. SHS III East       Band                   Samantha Cascardo                 Bb Clarinet
    8. SHS III East       Band                   Nicholas Cowan                     Alto Sax
    9. SHS III East       Band                   Jessica Klassert                       Bb Clarinet
    10. SHS III East       Band                   Christina Milone                     Snare Drum
    11. SHS III East       Band                   Amanda Minutello                   Bb Clarinet
    12. SHS III East       Band                   Angie Perrone                        Trumpet/Cornet
    13. SHS III East       Band                   Thomas Reily                         Trombone
    14. SHS III East       Band                   Jack Saracino                          Alto Sax
    15. SHS III East       Band                   Alex Sneddon                        Tenor Sax
    16. SHS III East       Band                   Emily Sneddon                       Tenor Sax
    17. SHS III East       Chorus                Timothy Costorf                     Bass
    18. SHS III East       Chorus                Meghan Gunther                    Soprano
    19. SHS III East       Chorus                Sean Mcnally                          Tenor
    20. SHS  II East       Orchestra            Sheva Apelbaum                     Violin
    21. SHS  II East       Orchestra            Riccomini Conor                    Double Bass
    22. SHS III East       Orchestra            Joseph Cunningham                Trumpet/Cornet
    23. SHS III East       Orchestra            Emily Faughnan                      Bb Clarinet
    24. SHS III East       Orchestra            Liam Harrison                        Trombone
    25. SHS III East       Orchestra            Brendon Haselton                   Cello
    26. SHS III East       Orchestra            Andrew Hillsberg                    French Horn
    27. SHS III East       Orchestra            Rebecca Kranz                       Bassoon
    28. SHS III East       Orchestra            Shreeya Panigrahi                   Viola
    29. SHS III East       Orchestra            Tara Rini                               Trumpet/Cornet
    30. SMS  II East       Band                   Mark Doucet                          Trombone
    31. SMS  II East       Band                   Michael Earvolino                   Baritone/Euph
    32. SMS  II East       Band                   Julianna Giovan                      Piccolo
    33. SMS  II East       Band                   Olivia Harrison                      Bb Clarinet
    34. SMS  II East       Band                   Francis Reilly                          Tenor Sax
    35. SMS I Central    Band                   Abigail Sneddon                     Alto Sax
    36. SMS  II East       Band                   Matthew Tomko                     Bb Clarinet
    37. SMS I Central    Band                   Liam Wallace                         Oboe
    38. SMS  II East       Chorus                Dea Algrim                            Soprano
    39. SMS I Central    Chorus                Maryjo Chan                          Soprano
    40. SMS  II East       Chorus                Katie Gennosa                       Soprano
    41. SHS  II East       Chorus                Emily Llewellyn                       Alto
    42. SMS I Central    Chorus                Victoria Maffettone                  Soprano
    43. SMS  II East       Chorus                Jessica Smith                          Alto
    44. SMS I Central    Chorus                Payton Sweeney                      Soprano
    45. SMS  II East       Orchestra            Sean Haselton                        Double Bass
    46. SMS I Central    Orchestra            Avery Rosado                        Cello
    47. SMS I Central    Orchestra            Alex Urmaza                          Cello
    48. SD  I Central    Chorus                Lilia Bartolotta                        Alto
    49. SD  I Central    Chorus                Angela Earvolino                    Alto
    50. SD  I Central    Orchestra            Trinity Harper                        Violin

    Also, many thanks go to our district music faculty for nominating such deserving and talented student musicians for all of the performing ensembles this year.

    In her letter informing the District about the selected students, SCMEA Vice President for Festivals, Shannon Hughes said,  “Please express my sincere congratulations to all of your selected students and their teachers. I am looking forward to another successful and rewarding All-County Festival season.”