World Class World’s Fair

  • A World Class World’s Fair

    at Lincoln Avenue

    “Did you ever want to know how many steps it takes to get to the top of the Eiffel Tower, or wonder why the Sydney Opera House is shaped like a shell?” Mrs. DuMoulin had asked her Third Grade class.

    Inspired by her questions, the Third Graders spent weeks on their social studies projects to learn more about countries of the world. After each student selected one country to research, he or she learned about its history, people, famous landmarks, most popular cities, culture and geographic location, while fulfilling the Common Core Standards of integrating technology, presentation, and writing skills. By the end of the project, they had combined all these elements in a multimedia presentation that included posters or charts, a nonfiction book about the country, costumes, a PowerPoint presentation via laptop computers, and tasty cuisine.

    At last, as genuine authorities on their subjects, the Third Graders held a fair in January for invited guests. When relatives, friends, and Sayville Central office Administrators arrived for the presentations held in the cafeteria, the students were well prepared and eager to showcase what they had learned to attentive audiences. Everyone enjoyed the great diversity of countries and cultures: Guests wandered around, stopping at each station, where alert third graders stood beside displays ready to answer questions and share their knowledge. 

    Brooke Dubay’s English Tea Cup poster amazed the crowd by its beauty and interactive pieces.” Mrs DuMoulin remarked, “Some children dressed in their country’s fashions. Michelle Covais wore an authentic dress from her El Salvadorian Aunt. Others brought in authentic food to sample, and Erin O’Donnell’s German Chocolate Cupcakes were a huge hit!”

    “Listening to the children talk about their country and persuading their audience to visit, was evidence that quality learning had taken place,” said Mrs. DuMoulin, adding, “this unit was weeks in the making, and the children are sad to see it come to a close.”

    Excited by the success of their presentations, the students offered comments and insights about their weeks of preparation. Sarah Dooley commented that she was certain she would never finish, but she did!  Dan O’Doherty said, “I learned so much about Power Point!”  Molly Clark added, “I never knew I could do so much with a computer, but now I know I can!” Keira Collins sentiments, which were, “I did not think I was going to make it to the end, but I did! I am really proud of myself and my friends!”  were echoed by Mrs. DuMoulin who agreed, “As their teacher, I couldn’t be more proud of my students!  They blew me away by their attention to detail, hard work, and creativity!”

    No question. Travel between countries was a breeze during this amazing world fair event sponsored by Mrs. Kortney DuMoulin and her Lincoln Avenue Third Grade Class.