Celebrating Breakfast With Champions

  • Celebrating Breakfast With Champions

    The Breakfast of Champions ceremony gathered Sayville Administrators, Faculty, Staff, and relatives to  recognize twenty select Sayville High School students. These students were championed for their good character and singled out for demonstrating qualities of kindness, motivation, compassion, enthusiasm, diligence, and good citizenship beyond the classroom or athletic field or who achieved their personal best by striving to overcome major obstacles. Their positive conduct, as observed by the Sayville High School teachers and staff who nominated them, has made a difference and provided the essential components that contribute to a successful High School Community.

    After the staff expressed (see below) their appreciation of each recipient before the family members and district office Administrators who had been invited to attend, each student received a Breakfast of Champions certificate and plaque created with their portrait on a Wheaties Box background.

     Bearing witness to the integrity and accomplishments of these good citizens is “one of my favorite events,” Superintendent Dr. Walter Schartner remarked, who along with Deputy Superintendent Dr. Geraldine Sullivan Keck, Assistant Superintendent for Business John Belmonte, and Food Service Director Linda Horrigan, commended the wonderful semiannual tradition.

    The heartwarming event ended with a belly-warming breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, home fries, bagels, and raisin French toast along with assorted beverages all provided by 21 Main Restaurant, West Sayville, ensuring that satisfaction of spirit was followed by a satisfying morning meal. Special thanks go to Assistant Principal Brian Decker who organized the event, the technology department for making the plaques, and Mr. Ari Kramer and his chamber students who provided the soothing musical ambiance. (See more photos below.)

    Congratulations to the following students:

    Gabrielle Clement

    Spencer Andrews,

    Taylor Connolly

    Anna Corso

    Craig Davidson

    Stefanie Ebo

    James Giattino

    Matthew Iovino

    Janine Loesch

    Trevor May

    Kelly McElroy

    Kaitlin McNamara

    Taylor Mills

    Matthew Neuschwender

    Lorelei Olk

    Chloe Palamaro

    Bradley Pritchard

    Tyler Renzulli


    Breakfast of Champions Recipients and Their Nominating Faculty


    1. Spencer Andrews-Mr. Doller

    “Spencer is a tireless and tenacious competitor, but what truly distinguishes Spencer from his peers, is his ability and humility to identify his own weaknesses.  Through this discovery and with a Yeoman’s work ethic, he doubles his efforts to obtain his desired results.”


    2. Gabrielle Clement-Ms. Richter-Seidenberg

    “Gabrielle is one of the students I have admired most throughout my teaching career.  The enthusiasm, effort and determination that she has demonstrated in class over the past three years is nothing short of amazing.  She has conquered every French obstacle put in her path.  Her attitude will take her far in life, of this I am sure. 

    Gabrielle has truly been a pleasure to teach and I wish her all the best!”


    3. Taylor Connolly-Mr. Cross

    “Design and Drawing for Production is a challenging technical drawing class where one constantly works on accuracy and speed.  Taylor often finishes his drawing ahead of schedule, and then will put off starting a new project to assist other students with their work.  Additionally, he was the first to volunteer for the Hurricane Sandy Relief effort where he raised money and ran 3 miles on the treadmill in between classes.  This truly displayed his selfless spirit.  He is a mature, polite and genuinely good-hearted young man.  It is a pleasure having him in my class.”


    4. Anna Corso-Mr. Hammer

    For the last four years, Anna has been my art student and an integral part of the Art Club.  In our time together she has demonstrated an absolute dedication to the arts.  All her hard work has resulted in multiple awards for her creations.  Her level of dedication and caring is a model for all others to learn from.  Her presence in my classroom will be sorely missed!


    5. Craig Davidson-Mr. Kramer

    Craig is a very hard-working and motivated young musician and student.  But, it is not for these reasons that I believe Craig is truly deserving of receiving the honor of being inducted into the Breakfast of Champions, a cereal box that will forever immortalize Craig’s face.  Instead, it is what Craig’s actions have inspired those around him to become.  Whether he knows it or not, Craig pushes those around him not only to be better, but to be their best.  As a Junior, Craig was selected to participate as a violinist in New York’s All-State Orchestra, a rare feat for ANY violinist, but especially a Junior.  This sole act has pushed the Sayville Orchestra to always try its hardest and strive for perfection, a goal a teacher cannot attain on his own.  I am very proud of all of Craig’s accomplishments to this point, and truly look forward to his future honors. 


    6. Stefanie Ebo-Ms. Brown

    Stefanie is a delightful young lady who can brighten any room with her smile.  On the Peruvian Amazon trip last February, she embraced an environment completely outside of her comfort zone like a true champion!  Although I had suspected the encounters with the pink dolphins were her favorite, it wasn’t until she joined the RISE program that I learned it was the unique primates that really captivated her.  Her enthusiasm for the natural world is inspiring.  She will return this February to conduct primate research under the direction of Wildlife Conservation Society Biologist Alfredo.  It is her intense focus and drive, passion for science and nature, humbleness, and incredibly warm and sincere personality that place Stefanie at the top of my list of students I really enjoy working with.


    7. James Giattino-Mr. Hoffer

    James is an accomplished student athlete, as well as, being ranked in the top 5% of his class.  As impressive as these accomplishments are, I believe his most impressive attribute is his character.  James is a true gentleman in every sense of the word.


    8. Matthew Iovino-Ms. Stevens

    Described by his teachers and coaches as a passionate and dedicated actor, singer and performer, a quick and efficient problem solver, and a true leader and force on the athletic field; Matthew is also known as a humble, unassuming and considerate young man.  Because of his outstanding academic record, Matthew is identified by College Board’s National Hispanic Recognition Program as a National Merit Scholar and an AP Scholar as well.  Today, Matthew is presented as a Breakfast of Champion’s recipient; we commend his efforts as a volunteer for the Sayville Volunteer Community Ambulance Youth Squad and for his tireless work in helping some of our local families clean out their homes after Hurricane Sandy.


    9. Janine Loesch-Mr. Shaw

    Janine is the type of friend that everyone deserves.  She is selfless, caring and not afraid to speak the truth.  There is not much of value that happens at Sayville High School that Janine is not either running or involved with.  Her list of extracurricular activities, jobs and volunteer service alone is enough to make me dizzy.  Add to that her academic and artistic abilities and a picture quickly emerges of a student definitely worthy of the title “champion.”


    10. Trevor May-Ms. Rizzo-Shore

    Trevor is a terrific person in and out of the classroom.  He is a hard worker and dedicated to helping others.  He is the Anchor Club Co-Historian and is extremely reliable.  He is kind-hearted, enthusiastic and mature and he is extremely deserving of the Breakfast of Champions Award!


    11.Kelly McElroy- Ms. Wittman

    I have had the pleasure of having Kelly on my Varsity Cross Country team for the past three seasons.  She is an extremely well-rounded student, as she excels in the classroom, on the athletic field and most importantly as a wonderfully giving and compassionate young woman.  Simply put, Kelly refuses to ever accept less than her very best.  She understands and accepts the discipline and personal commitment required to consistently meet her desired goals, while also accepting disappointment and even defeat at times throughout this process.  She is a role model to her peers, as she always strives to do what is right, even when it may not be the “popular” choice.  Kelly is an uplifting and passionate young woman and in all aspects of her life, a true champion!


    12. Kaitlin McNamara-Mr. Brown

    We are recognizing Kaitlin at this breakfast for being a bright young lady who approaches every day with respect and responsibility.  In class she asks very detailed questions which help both her and the class as a whole.  Her work stands out above others and she consistently is tops on test and quizzes. Her academic skills coupled with her calm demeanor make her a model student, and a student who deserves this honor.


    13. Taylor Mills-Mr. Cameron

    Taylor Mills has been an exceptional student.  She has continually strived for perfection in every aspect of her education.  Taylor’s drive and determination has led her to great academic success.  Taylor’s hard work and perseverance has also carried over to her athletic endeavors, where she and her teammates won the state championship in field hockey.  Taylor has accomplished all of this with grace and humility.  It has been a pleasure to have Taylor as a student.


    14. Matthew Neuschwender-Ms. Bricker

    Matthew has exhibited leadership and a commitment to service through his involvement in the Interact Club.  He is respected by his peers and admired for his compassion for others.  In his role as Publicist this year, Matt has consistently participated in all of our local and global initiatives, as well as, motivated his peers to get involved in worthy causes.


    15. Lorelei Olk - Mr. Hammer

    Lorelei is an artist in every sense of the word.  She has achieved a level that no other student has in my time at the high school.  She has received many awards, honors and scholarship money.  As President of the Art Club she has displayed a leadership and maturity that others can learn from.  She is truly the Art Department’s champion!


    16. Chloe Palamaro – Mr. Albers

    Chloe is invited to join us this morning for her motivation to succeed in mathematics.  Her persistence to exceed the rigor of the coursework is a characteristic that warrants recognition.  As a ninth grader, Chloe already exhibits the maturity of a senior preparing for the real world.  She is a self-driven student that should be proud to be here.


    17. Bradley Pritchard – Ms. Backer

    Bradley joined Sayville High School in his sophomore year.  It has been impressive to watch Bradley acclimate to our school and excel in all of his coursework.  Nearly every day I see him walking down Brook Street.  No matter the weather, he always has a bounce in his step and always arrives on time! Bradley’s positive attitude, integrity and willingness to work hard make him the perfect candidate for this distinguished award. 


    18. Tyler Renzulli – Ms. Thomas

    Tyler deserves to be recognized for his improved attitude and work ethic this year.  Tyler shows great discipline by working to the best of his ability as well as completing his assignments in advance.  This year there is an obvious sense of maturity from Tyler in regard to his school work, his relationships, and the decisions he makes.  He diligently works on tasks at school and then continues his day by participating in a culinary arts program at BOCES.  Tyler sets a positive example for his peers, and he is a pleasure to have in class.  I chose Tyler as a Breakfast of Champion recipient because I am impressed by the ability, perseverance, and growth Tyler has shown this year.


    19. Scott Scolnick- Ms. Backer

    Scott is a student that will leave a lasting impression on me and our high school. I truly feel lucky to have worked with Scott and experience his energetic, genuine, humorous personality.  At one of our first college meetings, Scott sat in my office with his parents carefully mapping out his collegiate plans. I was impressed with his level of maturity.  It certainly did not come as a surprise because I have seen Scott in action; he handles himself in this manner in every area of his life.  Scott has a strong sense of self.  This attribute coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to work hard make him an overall amazing student.


    20. Michael Sugarman – Ms. Bricker

    As a Spanish tutor, Michael has demonstrated kindness, tolerance, and an enthusiasm for encouraging others.  He is diligent, upbeat, and determined to help others improve.