And a Joyous Reunion

  • A Joyous Reunion

    And a Miraculous Reason

    to Give Thanks

     On the Tuesday morning before the Thanksgiving break, the Sayville High School community averted a near tragedy through the fast response of student witnesses and staff members trained to save a life with the A.E.D. (Automated External Defibrillator).

    When Substitute Custodian Mark Moskwa suddenly collapsed in the Science hallway, three alert students Emma Patterson, Sabrina Mayrose, and Nicole Del Gaudio responded immediately and sought help. In split seconds, School Nurses Ellen Gugliotta and Susan Rende, along with Health Aide Sallie Pellegrini, detached the wall-mounted A.E.D. and joined Science teachers Lou Gittler, James Knote, and Jenn Stewart-Hassett who, because of their CPR certification, had also stepped forward to assist. Their concerted efforts and heroic persistence (which included using the paddles five times to get sinus rhythms) until the ambulance arrived absolutely contributed to saving Mr. Moskwa’s life.

    Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Mr. Moskwa made a full recovery in the hospital and was soon released. In gratitude for the miraculous intervention of the life-saving team of “angels,” Mark Moskwa returned to the High School, looking fit and greatly improved, to express his personal thanks.

    Photo (l-r) Gathering in joyous reunion are Science Teacher James Knote, Nurse Ellen Gugliotta, High School Juniors Nicole Del Gaudio and Emma Patterson, High School Principal Ron Hoffer, Custodian Mark Moskwa, High School Junior Sabrina Mayrose, Health Aide Sallie Pellegrini, Science Teacher Jenn Stewart-Hassett, Nurse Susan Rende, and Science Teacher Louis Gittler.