Recognizing SRPs

  • It Takes a Village…

    As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child.

    Similarly, it takes a team of school personnel to run a school district efficiently. While school administrators and teachers are usually considered the primary movers of academic life, there are other school-related professionals “behind the scenes” who contribute to the well being of the entire school district.

    The New York State Governor’s Office and State legislators, in conjunction with the New York State United Teachers who initiated the concept years ago, have made SCHOOL-RELATED PROFESSIONALS RECOGNITION DAY an annual event to recognize the following individuals: Clerical Services Personnel, Clerical Aides, Crossing Guards, Custodians, Food Service, Health Aids, Monitors, Security Personnel, Teacher Aids, and Transportation Personnel.

    The School-Related Professionals working in Sayville are people dedicated to the well being and safety of our students, Superintendent Dr. Schartner remarked. Their presence allows for a safe learning environment for all.

    This year, November 20, 2012 was School-Related Professionals Recognition Day. On behalf of NYSUT, the Sayville Teachers Association again showed their tremendous appreciation districtwide by contributing food and funds towards a variety of celebrations. Some STA members offered a buffet breakfast or lunch at their buildings, others distributed gift cards, treats, and hugs to their SRPs.

    At the Middle School, an art centerpiece and poster by Tiffany Trava decorated the table where a hot breakfast buffet was served to the secretaries, custodians, kitchen staff, aides, monitors, security guards, bus drivers and bus monitors as well as buildings and grounds personnel. In addition, two students Meghan Faucett and Emily LLewellyn sang the lyrics you're in our lives for a reason,from the song For Good  from the musical Wicked to the honored SRPs.  Fourteen raffle prizes were also awarded.

    Timed with the Thanksgiving season, the annual Recognition Day has become a tradition for thanking these individuals whom “we are very fortunate to have as part of our working staff.”