Networks of Fun

  • "Don’t Touch That Dial!"

    Networks Channel Loads of Fun at Homecoming

    One couldn’t have asked for better autumn weather to enjoy the culmination of High School Spirit Week, with this year’s theme of T.V. Channels, during Sayville’s Homecoming Celebration.

    Tuning in with enthusiasm, crowds watched as the Sayville Fire Department trucks led the Homecoming Parade’s westward march on Main Street, followed by members of The Sayville Rotary Club, Sayville Dance Club, and Sayville Teachers Association.

    Chanting cheers, the Sayville Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Middle School cheerleaders preceded the four Homecoming Floats that had been designed and fabricated in colorful tissue-paper by the hardworking members of each class earlier in Spirit Week. First in the parade was the Freshman Class float which depicted assorted Animation Domination characters from the Fox Network. Switching to the Disney Channel, the Sophomore Class followed with famous pop teen icons spreading their spirit, while the Junior Class sailed by as proud as the NBC Peacock about their Olympic coverage and SNL characters. The Senior Class, although last in the Homecoming pageant, had picked the first T.V. station to pioneer music videos—MTV. Later on the football field, the floats would be transformed into the backdrops for each class skit.


    Before game start-time, the Freshman and Sophomore classes performed their Homecoming skits:

    • Seated upon the Simpson’s couch before an old fashion TV set, the animated characters from Family Guy and the Simpsons disputed their winning attributes as members of the Class of 2016, with some egos more pushy than others until a call for “Do’nuts!” ended all arguments and the characters began a dance routine to BOOM BOOM BOOM!


    • On the Disney Channel, the heated tug-of-war between “Raven” and “Hannah Montana” over a lost Sayville Sophomore trying to get back to the Homecoming Celebrations was arbitrated by none other than High School Musical heart-throb “Troy Bolton.” Reminding everyone that “We’re all in this together,” the Sophomores finished their skit with a unified dance number.

    During halftime, the Juniors and Seniors entered the competition with their skits:


    • On the NBC float with the Peacock and Olympic Rings in the background, host “Seth Myers” from Saturday Night Live Weekend Update interviewed such amusing characters as “Girl-From-The-Party,” the disillusioned “Troy Bolton,” and Jersey Shore’s “Snooky,” before ending the skit with a lively dance by “Ellen Degeneris” and the NBC dancers.


    • Famous names from the Sayville High School Senior Class were among the nominees during the MTV Award Ceremony for best artists, songs, and album with some surprising (your Mom won best Album of the Year) and not so surprising (“Taylor Swift”) winners. When “Kanye West” interrupted the ceremonies, the amazing “Beyoncé” and Class of 2013 performers quickly began dancing to All the Single Ladies until the MTV channel signed off with the very first MTV song by the Buggles, Video Killed the Radio Star, which raised the pitch of excitement with their spirit.


    Judging the culminating Homecoming activities, select members of the Rotary Club congratulated the hard work of all the classes and awarded First Place to the Seniors, Second to the Juniors, Third to the Sophomores, and Fourth to the Freshmen.

    Homecoming football ended in triumph for the undefeated Sayville Varsity Flashes with a win of 35 to 12 over previously undefeated Miller Place.


    Congratulations to this year’s Homecoming Activities organizers, especially Deborah Armendinger and Kevin Recker, as well as  each of the Class Advisors: Evan Hammer, Mike Pace (Freshman); Katherine Van Dorn, LynnAnn Perlin (Sophomore); Stephanie Adamson, Audra Feeley, Doug Shaw (Junior); Colleen Backer, Marie Sinclair (Senior), and all who participated in the Spirit Week and Homecoming Celebration including those listed below:


    The Singing of the National Anthem :

    By: Marissa Casazza, Libby Larkin, Shannon Lynch, and Denise Natoli


    Freshman         King:  Mason Bergeson

                            Queen: Chloe Palamaro

                            Court: Elias Kalomiris

                                         Sal Prevosto

                                         Liz Pigott

                                         Kristyn McKenna

    Sophomores     King: Paul Bevilaqua

                            Queen: Nicole Sgroi

                            Court:   Dan Leaderer

    Dana Passin

    Kyle Wilson

    Erin Koehler

    Juniors:                        King: Rich Johnson

                            Queen: Kelsey Dargis

                            Court: Marade Bergen

                                        Joe Morici

    Seniors:            King: Jack Weisheit

                            Queen: Jackie Christensen

                            Court:  Lucas Ciancimino

                                        Sean Kelly

                                        Chase Rubin

                                        Maria Slager

                                        Angelica Hernandez

                                        Anna Corso