Class President Hartnett

  • "...OUR Accomplishments"

    by Derek Hartnett, Class of 2012 President

    Gifted with resonating insight, Derek spoke with depth and wisdom in his address (excerpt of speech):

    We have had quite a run. For some, the four years in high school seemed to go by so quickly, and yet for others, it could not have gone any slower. Some days, it seemed like 6th period would never end, but it feels like it was just last week when we were packing for Frost Valley.

    In just this year alone, we have managed to achieve so much: the Wind Ensemble played in Carnegie Hall, the Football team won the Long Island Championships, the Softball team became New York State Champions for the first time EVER. There are 20 Research in Science and Engineering Seniors that are graduating. Both the Boys and Girls Soccer teams are League Champions, the Varsity Field Hockey team won the Division II Championship, Girls Cross Country finished First in League. Among us, we have freshly minted Eagle scouts, EMTs, dramatists, and published authors. And the list could go on, but since it is so incredibly hot, I will leave it at that.
    As a Class, we have managed to attain all of these outstanding achievements. ...Next year, however, things are going to be different. We’re going to go off and no longer be viewed as a member of the Class of 2012. Instead, we’re going to be viewed as individuals. Our goals will be our own, our decisions will be our own, and our rewards will be our own. This new pressure, at times, may overwhelm us. We may find ourselves complaining about our tremendous workloads and the imminent all-nighter than instead of actually just getting it done, but what I ask you [to] keep in mind are the words of advice Mr. Shaw has offered my English Class over the past year: “millions of people have done this before us, therefore we can too.”
    ..... That list of accomplishments from just a minute ago? It’s our turn to grow our own lists of accomplishments and to be as impressive as individuals as we have been as a group....I hope that when we are doing this, we are able to look back and realize that, though we were all different, we shared the bond that is the Class of 2012. So please remember:
    • If you are going to college, you’re not better than people who aren’t;
    • If this is your first time participating in a school function on a sports field, you’re no better than people who have;
    • If you’re sitting out there with medals, cords, and scholarships, you’re no better then people who aren’t;
    • If you’re wearing crocs, there’s no help, and I’m sorry for you!
    But know this. If you are a member of the Class of 2012, you ARE better than people who are not, and that, my friends, is a proven fact.
    As a class, we have many people to thank... I hope you let my personal thanks represent your own:
    • Mrs. Thomas and Mr. Pace: I could not be more thankful to have two advisors that made our senior year everything it was. Your hard work and dedication to our Class has made these four years of high school memorable. At Homecoming in 9th grade we were the 80s, in 10th Spiderman, 11th Grade was the year of Men in Black, and this year, we were Rugrats, sometimes almost literally! With each theme comes unforgettable moments that could not have happened without the two of you.
    • Mr. Sznitken: in addition to helping get me through High School while remaining sane, you’ve taught me that the only thing worse than geometry is trigonometry.
    • Mrs. Brown: Not only have you shown me science in all of its nerdy and wonderful ways, you’ve taught me that the only thing harder than surviving the Amazon Rainforest is having to leave it.
    • Ms. Sumner, or should I say, Mrs. Perlin: Every day in your class was a memorable moment. You managed to keep it real and always find a way to incorporate fashion, Putin, and cross-fit into the comparative government curricula.
    • Mom and Dad: Thank you for your endless love and support. I will always be your Indigo Child.
    Truth be told, we will always be the Class of 2012. When we’re booking babysitters for our 10-year reunion, losing weight for our 25th, and checking our cholesterol before our 50th, we will always be a member of this very special graduating class. So, whether you are joining the military, going into the workforce, or matriculating with the Class of 2016, let us go forth and alter the course of history!