Spending Lunchtime in Stitches

  • Spending Lunchtime in Stitches

    With the Crafted with Love Knit and Crochet Lunch Club


    Off to a great start for one more year is the popular Crafted with Love Knit/Crochet Lunch Club. While Advisor Jean Galima began this fall by teaching both knitting and crocheting to the Sixth-grade homerooms everyday during lunch, some of last year’s members “haven’t missed a stitch” and have also started teaching new members.

    “Having lunch each day with amazing young people has always been such a pleasure,” Mrs. Galima enthuses, “and each year I am more impressed with the students' abilities to learn so very quickly! I love watching them teach one another, and seeing their faces when their items are finished!  There is no better way to have the best lunchtime!” 

    The club had been industrious about their handiwork and created a variety of hand-crafted items such as hats, slippers, ponchos, scarves, and holiday items for donations to foster-care organizations, hospitals, or for family members. “We have granny-square blankets for seniors—one of our gorgeous granny-square blankets, which was raffled off, was a group effort; each row was made by a different member of the knit/crochet club,” continued Mrs. Galima. “And of course, there are our preemie hats for hospitals.  It is incredible how many items the members donate each year.  And, the best part is they have learned a lifelong hobby which will allow them to be generous with their time and talents for years to come.”

    Like Santa’s elves, the Love Knit/Crochet Lunch Club members have been packaging boxes of their handiwork, elated in knowing that Middle School Principal Thomas Murray will deliver the handmade gifts in time for the holidays. “The kids love it,” Mrs. Galima added, “and often come back to tell me how they adore making their own items outside of club time.”