New Recipe for Senior Breakfast

  • the Senior Breakfast: New Recipe for an established High School Tradition

    For 24 years, the Senior Breakfast tradition has given members of the entire graduating class a rare, but much appreciated, opportunity to meet over a nourishing morning meal and enjoy some nostalgic entertainment, personalized by the creative class organizers.

    This year, however, the Senior Breakfast gathered the nearly 266 Seniors around the decorated tables for a different menu provided by the ever-popular Chef Keith Filosa. For over a year, Sayville’s Food and Nutrition’s High School Chef Keith has been “wowing” the students with healthier choices and tasty lunches in the revitalized cafeteria. As part of the financially self-sustaining Food and Nutrition Program under Director Linda Horrigan, the food program has expanded, and thanks to Chef Keith, the changes have been delicious.   

    With the Food and Nutrition program taking on Senior Breakfast, the menu included a steaming oatmeal buffet as well as the favorites of bacon, eggs, home fries, and sausage.  Western-style eggs, with fresh diced peppers, onions, and ham, was a new and popular offering, while the hot fruit topping, (strawberry or cherry) drizzled over pancakes or French toast proved unbelievably satisfying. Who needed maple syrup? (However, if you wanted maple syrup, it was also offered).

    All the trimmings, from bread, rolls, muffins, juices, coffee, and tea were presented to the  students in culinary splendor as they were ceremoniously greeted at the buffet tables by High School administrators, faculty, and staff who joined them in the celebration.

     Many thanks go to the organizing committee which included Senior Derek Hartnett, Julia Sergison, class advisors Mike Pace and Amy Thomas, the Senior-Class parent volunteers who dished out the breakfast fare, as well as those unnamed students who decorated the cafeteria with streamers and balloons.


    Special thanks go to the Food staff, Chef Keith, Director Linda Horrigan, Cathy Reynolds-Bender, Lorijean Leigh-Manuell, and Carmella Micelli, who were so dedicated to making their first Senior Breakfast a success,  they began preparing the fresh ingredients in the wee hours of the morning. They were joined before 7 a.m. by the usual High School food staff who helped serve. In addition, special thanks also go to Tammy Robinson from the Food and Nutrition office who ordered the supplies and Cheryl Heckle from the Middle School who sent over serving ware.

    Originally launched by Senior Class Advisor Mrs. Marie Joost-Cox and Principal Joseph Buderman, this traditional pre-Thanksgiving Day feast remains one of the most savory breakfast memories for our Sayville Seniors.