FREEZIN for a REASON - And Other SAHO Events

  • Sayville's AHO particpated in the Polar Plunge.  Our school raised over $5,000 to support the Special Olympics.  We raised more than any other organization who plunged.  One of our members made this video.  (see link below)


    Athletes Helping Others is a new Sayville High School organization that believes in developing strong personal relationships, demonstrating unwavering integrity and character, and having a purpose greater than oneself.  Our organization believes that the aforementioned are the keys to becoming a successful citizen. 

    Sayville’s AHO is committed to giving back to both the school district and surrounding community. By providing opportunities for student-athletes to serve, these young men and women make meaningful contributions to society. Teams as well as individual student-athletes are involved in numerous charity and community events, both in and out of school.


    Among some of the Community Service Events the SAHO will performing are:

    -         Read with the Golden Flashes program which is intended to supplement the elementary reading curriculum throughout the year with reading incentives, prizes, and read-to activities by Sayville student-athletes.

    -         Thanksgiving Support that sponsors needy families during the Thanksgiving Holiday by preparing meals (delivered by the club advisors on Thanksgiving morning).

    -         Visitations to Local Children’s Hospital: to interact the sick, deliver presents, and encourage the children

    -         For the Special Olympics: Sayville Athletes will volunteer, escort, and encourage the special athletes in their events.

    -         Polar Plunge: FREEZIN’ FOR A REASON!  To raise money for the special athletes in the New York Special Olympics,  our  Sayville Athletes will take a dip or a slow crawl into the chilly waters!

    -         St. Baldricks: Shaving the Way to Conquer Kids’ Cancer. young and old, male and female face the clippers as part of the worldwide effort.  Athletic teams will compete against one another to see who can raise the most money and which team has the most participants.


    Throughout the school year there will be a great variety of seasonal tournaments from Ping-Pong, badminton, hockey, to tennis as part of the SAHO fundraising events.