Venerating Our Veterans

  • Venerating Veteran’s Day

    With A Celebration!


    To learn and understand more about the Veterans who served our country, Sayville Fifth graders at Lincoln Avenue led a special Veteran’s Day Ceremony. Student Government President Harrison Bench and Attorney General Abigail Sneddon spoke to the Third, Fourth, and Fifth graders about how veterans “we know and love, as well as those we will never meet” have protected our country and our freedom for 235 years.


    To put into practice what they preached, the Lincoln Avenue students were encouraged to become a “hero’s hero” by serving or making sacrifices over the Veteran’s Day weekend or to contribute to the “Supplies for Troops” campaign. Fifth grader Trinity Estien shared a story about her father, who was injured on his first tour in Iraq, which did not stop him from serving three additional times.


    Students ended the ceremony with the singing of the anthems of the branches of the Armed Forces, and planting American Flags along the curbside of Lincoln Avenue.