Painting for Halloween

  • While it lasted,

    They had a Scream Painting

    For Halloween

     Window Painting for Halloween has been such a long-standing tradition in Sayville that current storeowners remember when they had painted windows as students. Thanks to the unending generosity of the Kiwanis Club for providing painting supplies for over thirty years, the Art Department cultivated fresh talent, and colorful Halloween Window Paintings graced the town.

     For a short while, at least….

     Enjoying their day in the sun during their walk to town, the High School students and their teachers met the Middle School’s students and staff for a pleasant day filled with creative energy and enthusiasm. Through the magic of their art, ghouls, witches, pumpkins, and assorted Halloween characters soon appeared on the glimmering transparent surfaces of shops and restaurants.

     Then came a record-setting Nor’easter which roared through town and scattered the fall festival to the winds. Although fortunately, Sayville was spared the brunt of the snowy forecast, sleet and slushy rain pelted the Halloween Paintings. Some survived intact, while others lost their vivid colors.

     Even though some of the student artwork may be just a ghost of what they once were, these photos will serve to remind all of their wonderful allure.

     So ends a tale worth telling.

    (Ho, ha, ha, ha, ha!)