More Than Just Jumping Rope


    For the American Heart Association


    Early on a Tuesday morning before school began, 230 Sunrise Drive students participated in the Jump Rope for Heart fundraising event for the American Heart Association.


    In addition to the 21-year-old traditional jump-rope event, spearheaded by Ms. Joanne Hamilton for 19 years before she retired in 2009 (with a grand total of $132,774 collected), Sunrise Drive’s Physical Education teacher Amy Chaimowitz has for the past several years also organized a variety of activities that encouraged many students to join in the fun. 


    After the students obtained sponsorships prior to the morning event, they could choose to spend their morning “work-out” on such activities that included bean-bag toss, rock-wall climbing, chicken juggling, “Hoppety Hops,” spinning plates, tossing rubber pigs in a parachute, bowling, gyrating hula hoops, miniature golf “Hole in One,” volleyball, scooter roller-racering, “Tarzan Swing”, hockey shoot-out, soccer passing, and of course jumping rope.


    Bending tradition this new academic year by holding a Fall Jump Rope event rather than the usual spring fling, Sunrise Drive students didn’t seem to mind the change one bit. After a morning of energizing activities, the students went on to class alert, invigorated by their exercise, and ready for their lessons. Thanks to their participation the American Heart Association was invigorated with an additional $12,000 donation from the fall event!


    Combining this Fall amount with the Sunrise Drive total of $13,000 from this past April, when all three elementary schools held their Jump Ropes for Heart activity, the Sayville elementary schools total contributions for 2011 was an amazing $53,000! Congratulations to all the participants!