• Dr. Marc Ferris

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    Dear Sayville Families,


     Welcome to the Sayville School District, where our teachers and staff care deeply about our students and their learning.


     We strongly believe that the most vibrant and productive classroom settings infuse a deep sense of caring about student well-being while maintaining a commitment to joyful, engaging, and thoughtful learning experiences for all students at every level. 


    As a central office leadership team, we are committed to the following core beliefs and working to ensure that the Sayville experience is meaningful for all of our students:


     ·  Every child must feel respected and valued.

    ·   Each child’s journey is unique; our job is to ensure success under all circumstances.

    ·   The voices of our students, faculty, staff, and families matter to us.

    ·   We are committed to learning and growing as professionals, leaders and educators.

    ·   Our role is to inspire a passion for learning throughout this learning community.

    Currently, we are conducting a self-study of the school district.  We are asking our students, families, and staff members to share their thoughts with us through participation in surveys and focus groups.  The data from this study will be used to work with our Board of Education to develop a 5-year strategic plan for the future of the Sayville School District.  Click on the presentation,  below, right to get an overview of our 100 Days of Learning Self Study:


    We are excited about the work we are doing in Sayville and we look forward to a wonderful school year full of learning.




    Dr. Marc Ferris

    Our Leadership Team