Superintendent's Message


    To the Sayville Schools Community

    Dr/ John E. Stimmel, Superintendent of Sayville Schools  
    2018-2019 SCHOOL YEAR

    Our students will return to school buildings containing bright new kitchens to better serve our students’ meals.  After fifty years of dedicated service, the gym floor at Sayville High School needed to retire.  Our students and athletes have a new floor on which to enjoy.  Also at Sayville High School, the Library/Media Center is being renovated.  Special thanks to Mr. Belmonte and the custodians who worked with the contractors to see that these projects were done in time for the start of school. (We anticipate that the HS library will be done by January.)

    The health, safety, and security of every student, staff member, and visitor is always a top priority in Sayville Schools.  New security guards and pupil personnel support staff have been hired to enhance security and support our students’ overall well-being when in school. Our dedicated teachers and administrators have been very busy this summer with curriculum and instruction projects.   

    In addition to health and safety, the teachers and administrators will engage in activities to enhance the curriculum, instruction, and authentic literacy. 

    We are excited to welcome the Sayville Class of 2031 to Kindergarten this year.  These children are the joy of their families and the pride of the community.  The teachers are looking forward to thirteen great years of education with these bright and eager youngsters.

    None of these improvements would be possible without the outstanding support of our community and the remarkable leadership of our Board of Education.  Thank you for all that you do for our schools.


    Dr. John E. Stimmel

    Superintendent of Sayville Schools