• These are resources for families to help during an extended school closing. We want to ensure we have ways for students to keep learning if they are out of school. This page will be continue to be updated. 

    Parent's Guide to the Google Classroom

    iReady Resources for Grades K-5

    Two tools that can help are i-Ready online lessons that provide instruction and practice based on students’ individual needs, and At-Home Activity Packs that provide printable materials aligned to the skills we want them to learn.

    Visit  i-Ready Personalized Instruction Guidance for Families for more information and tools to support your child at home during this time.

  • IXL for Math and Reading

    IXL helps students excel! With thousands of topics in math. There's always something new to explore. IXL sets a new standard for online learning, offering unlimited algorithmically generated questions, real-time analytical reports, and dynamic scoring to encourage mastery. Released in 2007, it has since become the world's most popular subscription-based learning site for pre-K to high school. With more than 7,000 unique and challenging skills to master, IXL offers a dynamic and enjoyable environment suitable for any learning style. Students who use IXL are succeeding like never before.

    To login to IXL, please click on the link: 

  • Everyday Math Online

    Everyday Mathematics is a comprehensive Pre-K through 6th grade mathematics curriculum developed by the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project. It is currently being used in over 185,000 classrooms by almost 3,000,000 students. For more information, click here: http://everydaymath.uchicago.edu/

    To login to your account, click here: https://my.mheducation.com/login

  • GreatMinds has recorded daily lessons in Grades K–12 of Eureka Math, K–8 of Wit & Wisdom, and 3–5 of PhD Science. These lessons will be delivered by Great Minds’ own teachers and will be viewable on any device.