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Message from Sayville Assistant Superintendent for curriculum and instruction

  • Our task as a community is to continue to provide outstanding opportunities for all of our students and to prepare them for success in life as contributing citizens of a global community.  This refers to intellectual, social, and emotional learning for our students.  If, in fact, we wish to give our students a "foundation for success" we will need to work together to provide a solid groundwork as well as opportunities to climb to even greater heights.

    The Office of Curriculum and Instruction is dedicated to this task.  Teachers, administrators, and staff members exercise local control as we work unceasingly to provide ever more effective instruction based upon best practices and in consideration of the NYS Next Generation Standards. Teachers work to differentiate instruction to provide learning and assessment that matches student needs and abilities.  The overall goals of the Sayville Public Schools will be met through the comprehensive educational program designed for students in grades kindergarten through grade twelve.

    These goals were established through a collaborative process among teachers and Department Chairpersons on the secondary level. At the elementary level, the Curriculum Leadership Council representative developed goals with grade level teachers. Individual school level goals were established in concert with Site-Based Teams. In order to evaluate or measure the success of the schools, both qualitative and quantitative data are examined.  These indicators are used to gauge progress in all areas of the program.  Examples of these individual school building goals indicators include, but are not limited to the following: results on state mandated assessments, results on local exams, classroom observations, graduation rate, Advanced Placement enrollment, Regents diplomas, diplomas with distinction, 4 and 2 year college acceptances, attendance rates, SAT scores, etc.

    This living document may need to be adjusted during the school year.  The objectives indicate areas of interest and/or need based on established criteria or data and Board of Education goals.  They relate to initiatives set forth by the Board of Education, the District Administration, and Site-Based Teams.  At various times during the school year, the Assistant Superintendent will assess progress using the above-mentioned indicators and report this information to the Superintendent of Schools and the Board of Education.

    This ongoing effort on the part of the entire staff is directed toward the overarching goal of providing excellence in education and meeting the diverse needs of all of our students.