• Sayville Voter-Approved Transportation Policy is:

    • Students in Grades K-5 receive transportation if they live 1/2 mile or more from school;

    • Students in Grades 6-12 receive transportation if they live 1 1/2 miles or more from school.


    Please Note: April 1st is the Deadline date 

    for the following requests for Transportation for the next school year.


    • TRANSPORTATION is provided up to a maximum of 15 miles for children attending private or parochial schools outside the district. Requests for transportation of children attending private or parochial schools within the 15-mile limit must be made by April 1st, before the next school year.




    • In-home Child-Care Transportation Requests. 

    Sayville School District will transport elementary or middle school children from the home of a caregiver** to their respective school. However, the caregiver's residence must be eligible for transportation based upon the voter-approved transportation policy.





    Please see restrictions for licensed and non-licensed providers referenced in the childcare letter/application attached.


    Transportation to Child-Care Centers
    When school begins in the fall of the 2022-2023 school year, transportation to Child-Care Centers located within the district will be available to those elementary pupils whose parents have filed an application with the Sayville School District Transportation Office (631 244-6506).


    In 2022-2023, the LEAP Program will be located at the CHERRY AVENUE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL.The SCOPE After-School Child-Care Program will be at Lincoln Avenue and Sunrise Drive School.


    Forms are available at the following sites:

    • New Life Community Church (Lakeland Ave.)

    • Transportation Office 99 Greeley Ave.


     The SCOPE Before-School Child-Care Program will be in operation at Lincoln Avenue and Sunrise Drive schools for all elementary children.


    Cherry Avenue youngsters will be transported to their respective school by the district. Registration forms are available in the Office of Pupil Personnel Services or you can register with SCOPE by directly calling 631 360-0800 ext 131.


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