• Family and Community Resources 

    Our Board of Education and the entire District are committed to helping our students and families to become the healthiest versions of themselves. It is a fact that strong families build strong communities! And, we are all in this together which necessitates that we encourage and support one another. Below, please find resources that may be of help to your families. We will continue to update this list. 

  • ParentGuidance.org

    ParentGuidance.org is an online service supported by licensed therapists that provides trusted and specialized courses, professional support and a safe community for parents to get answers to a variety of mental health questions. This resource offers parents access to licensed therapists delivering on demand e-courses on topics like living with a child struggling with depression, identifying anxiety, and coping with grief and loss just to name a few. Please click the emblem to the left to go to the website

  •   Findhelp.org

    Visit the Find Help Website to locate food assistance, help paying bills, and other free and reduced cost programs, including new programs for the COVID-19 pandemic. Simply type in your zip code and the website offers a number of assistance programs. 

      Sayville STRIDES Students and Family Website

    Check out the NEW Sayville STRIDES Students & Family Website which has a variety of videos and other resources to support our STRIDES Program at home! Please work alongside us each month as we review our STRIDES characteristics. The website can be found here:  STRIDES Students & Families

    Child Mind Institute

    We encourage you to check out Child Mind Institute. This website publishes daily tips from experts to support families in addressing a number of challenges and topics. There are articles and videos that help parents and educators facilitate crucial conversations with their children and students.